Friday, December 19, 2008

Unbroken Gaze

"May my life be

one unbroken gaze

fixed upon the beauty

of your face"

~Vicky Beeching

May this be my hearts lifes purpose. That I would have a strong unbroken gaze that is forever fixed upon the beauty of my precious Savior's face. That nothing else would ever matter as much as God's approval and His smile on what I am doing and who I am becoming. So often I am overcome by trying to please the world and everyone in it. Trying to match the stereotype of a "good" teenage girl, I continue to strive towards an unattainable image that really doesn't matter in the scheme of eternity. I am finding, as I continue to walk down this journey that we fondly refer to as "life", that the only thing that truly matters is whether or not my gaze is fixed on Christ. When my eyes start to wander off of the one who gave me life, is when they start to glimpe darkness and unsatisfaction. When I turn to the one who has existed since before the fabric of time, I find my satisfaction. I find the one who completes me and fulfills me. I find salvation and forgiveness. I find everything that this world doesn't offer. I find something that can't be bought for any price. I find unconditional love. Do you know how many girls spend their entire lives looking for unconditional love? If only they knew that it is just a prayer away. My gaze must remain unbroken; I cannot afford to lose sight of the one who first lovingly called me to Himself.

"Beholding is becoming

so as you fill my view

transform me

into the likeness of you"

~Vicky Beeching

This is my prayer Lord Jesus. May I live a live of holiness until your majesty is revealed. May I ever be captivated by you. May my life truly be one unbroken gaze fixed upon the beauty of your face.

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