Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dirt Road Dream

Dear Friends,

In my last post, I was just beginning my last semester of college. A year and a half later, I sit here, overwhelmed by God's many blessings and provisions since graduation. He blessed me with a great job, a wonderful husband (the LOVE OF MY LIFE!), a lovely house in the country, and today.... a new pooch named Roxie!

A new chapter of my life has begun and I've decided to document it on a new blog called Dirt Road Dream. We named the blog because we live on a dirt road, are renovating an old country farmhouse, and have lots of crazy stories about country living & DIY. Feel free to head on over to the new blog to keep up with us and learn about a different side of me :) (Also... head over if you want to get to know my crazy awesome husband)

Though this is a new chapter, I'm still the same old me. Same passions. Same griefs. Same fears. Same victories. I'll still post about my mom... and whatever is on my mind. So I'm not leaving the blog world... simply moving to a new URL :)

Love to you all! Hope to see you over at Dirt Road Dream!



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