Friday, August 21, 2009

"Oh... PUNCH HIM!"

So... a lot's been happening in my life recently. I just started all five of my online classes for the fall semester this past Friday. YIKES... I'm going to be a busy woman... which is pretty normal I suppose.

Do you all remember the post that I did on the ten charming, interesting, fun things about me? Well if you didn't read it... you can click here to do so. In it, I mentioned my great-grandpa... and asked for prayers because he had been really sick with pneumonia. Well, we got the news that he went to be with Jesus almost exactly a week ago. That hit me hard because I really loved him. This coming Christmas will be the first Christmas that I've EVER had without him. Even when we lived in Washington, we always drove home to be with family over Christmas break. I miss him already. He was a wonderful man. Prayer for my great-grandma Ruth would be very appreciated. They would have celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary together a few days ago. Their life paints a beautiful picture of love and faithfulness to each other that I can only dream about at the moment. I loved watching them interact.

Oh oh oh! Funny story time! Don't worry, it really does relate. :)

As I've already said, we always get together with family during the Holiday season. One year, we were all gathered around at a very large table in the home where my great-grandparents live. It's a retirement community/nursing home all in one. Anyways, we were all happy after eating lots of delicious zwieback and stuffing ourselves to our physical limits. My great grandma (Grams) turned to my great-grandpa (Gramps) and was trying to get his attention even though she was sitting several chairs away. She first said "Ed" fairly quietly. When he didn't answer or even look at her (his hearing was fairly bad) she again said "Ed!" a bit louder. Her frustration was evident in her tone and look as she cried "ED!" with all the gusto that a little woman can possess. When she had fully exhausted herself, she fell back in her chair, her hands came flying up, she gestured to the head of the table where he was seated and said, in a most exasperated tone yet with an amused and gentle smile on her face "Ohhh... somebody PUNCH him!"

HAHAHA... I will ALWAYS remember that. Always. It's in my memory forever. I love that story... but I'm partial because they are MY great-grandparents.

Oh dear me... the book progress. Perhaps I should inform you of what's up. Well, in truth I've hit an extremely stagnant part in my mind and I can't seem to get past it. It's actually quite funny because I'm taking a creative writing class this fall and just wrote a poem today. The assignment was to describe "the way I see myself as a writer"... or something like that. Haha... can't quite remember since it's 1:3o in the morning here. Anyway, I wrote the poem and then realized that it's really how I've been feeling about all writing lately... writing on my book, writing on my blog... writing in general. So I hope you all will forgive my lack of postings lately.

The Cycle

I sit at my desk in silence
As again the rain pours down
I long to convey what I’m feeling
But instead I wear a frown

It continues to pour droplets
But once every cobblestone has dried
Still I sit there in lonely silence
So many thoughts inside

I finally feel like beginning
So I type a little here and there
But, distraction is my enemy
And as a fluffy dog walks by I stop and stare

Then the cycle starts over again
Thoughts that are incomplete
I can’t seem to convey what I’m feeling
And instead feel the sting of defeat

Thanks for reading, friends! I'm not sure how often I'll be posting in the coming weeks, but I sure will try!


  1. Emily, that was a good poem sweetie. I know you are feeling like your book and other writing isn't coming easy right now,...but it will sugar,...just you wait and see.

    Sounds like you are gonna be pretty busy, but I am sure you will find moments of inspiration.

    I remember when you were here at my house for Jared's birthday party. You were chasing Jonas around and playing with the little boys. You are so good with kids.

    I love it that you are getting to experience England. I got to go there for a month 5 years ago in April. It was still pretty chilly there then and the damp cold just went right through me. What is it like in the summer there?

    We started out and finished up in London, but we stayed in Poole for a week, and then traveled around quite a bit. I would like to go back sometime. My husband was born there, in the Stocksbridge area.

    I enjoyed the early spring flowers and the sheep and lamba, and the stacked rock fences and walls, and the castles, and the green hills and the little market places. etc. We went over to France for the day on the big ferry and it was pretty too.

    How long will you be there? Enjoy it while you can!

    Luv ya,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits (Your blog is beautiful)

  2. Here's my email address if you would rather write me an email with a reply,....if you have time.

    Grandma Linda (:>)

  3. Writers block? I used to love writing stories... but I didn't managed to write any good ones. I always write horror, thriller stuffs... but it never goes more than 3 pages hahaha so much for a story book :P. I tried to write love story and it always ends badly in them... so I stopped :P.

    Gambate on your book.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that your great grandfather passed away. It sounds like you have many sweet memories of him.

    I noticed that you started to follow my practice blog. Not much happens there. I just play around with different backgrounds and headers. But my other blog gets more updates.

    Thanks for following!

  5. Hey!

    I gave you an award on my blog today (8.25.09). Please stop by & check it out.



  6. hey, I just came across you blog. =)
    Hope you don't me following it


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