Monday, August 3, 2009

Worth the Wait...

This evening as I was working on my book, a song that I absolutely love came on. Some of Jordin Sparks songs are cheesy, but I actually do really like this one. It's called "Worth the Wait" and actually reminds me of Rebecca St. James song "Wait For Me":


If I fall

If I break

If I lose myself in someone

If I give all I am it'll be with you

When I'm ready to take

All that you want me to give

It will be worth the wait

Worth the wait


Worth all the long nights dreaming of forever

Someday we will be together

I know it will have been so worth the wait

Please wait for me

Yeah yeah... you may be rolling your eyes, but to me, this isn't just a typical cheesy love song. In an instant gratification culture... a culture that screams "ME and MY feelings", waiting for anything - whether it's a hamburger at McDonald's or a first kiss - isn't looked on with too much enthusiasm. "Why wait?" people ask and so did I for awhile.

But the reason that I'm waiting is not because I take pleasure in waiting... it's because I take pleasure in the end result... when it will be worth the wait. I'm a person who dreams and plans and hopes that the "rest of my life" starts soon, because one of my greatest desires is to find and marry the one that God has for me. Next year I'll be turning 20 and sometimes I can't help but think "HURRY UP AND SHOW ME GOD!" But do you know what? When I truly sit and think about it:

...when our eyes meet and I know I'll be looking into them forever...

...when he wraps his arms around me for the first time...

...when I get my first kiss and I smile because he's the only one I've ever kissed...

...when I KNOW without a doubt that God brought me this man to be with forever...

...when God gives me the grace and courage to love someone wholeheartedly...

...when I'm able to take my purity ring off... only to slip my wedding ring on...

...when all these things happen... it will have been completely worth the 19+ years of waiting.

...worth every second and minute and hour of unfulfilled desires...

...worth the wait...

A hopeless romantic like me can't help but think about these things sometimes... and if every girl is honest with herself I'm sure she thinks some of the same thoughts that I do in regards to my future... not excluding my future man.
I know that waiting is a fairly recent phenomenon in this day and age... or rather, a very old idea that is slowly being brought back. I think purity is a touchy subject that people (including me) tend to shy away from unless I'm directly asked about my stance towards it. However, I decided that I'm not going to do that anymore. I've always been the type of person that doesn't like stepping on peoples toes so to speak... but then I thought about it some more... and realized that some of my ideas on purity aren't only mine; they're Gods. He's the one who calls us to purity of heart, mind, and body. Why does he do this? Well perhaps because He knows that it will be worth the wait.
Of course waiting doesn't guarantee a bump free ride. I'm still impatient, irritable, and human... and luckily God's grace is big enough to cover me and my immense foolishness and sin. But I do have inexpressible joy when I think about my desires eventually lining up with God's will for my life.
Truly though... what is purity? Not just purity of the body... but of the mind, heart and emotions? What does waiting truly mean... and how does it practically apply to my life? How am I supposed to ever find someone if I don't go searching? I hope to discuss some of these questions in my future posts. Purity is something for which I'm very passionate about... so bear with me. If any of you have questions which you want me to discuss, please feel free to say so! "Purity" and "waiting" sometimes have bad connotations connected with them but I want to try to convey how beautiful and rewarding walking the straight and narrow lane can be... no matter who you are or where you've been.

Really quickly:
- If you're married... don't despair! I still want to post things that interest you! Although I've never been married, I think I'm right to assume that the battle for purity doesn't end once you've said "I do". I'm hoping to get a married person to do a guest post for me on the importance of purity after the wedding day... any takers? If you're interested just let me know by emailing me at or commenting on this post.
- If you're single and regret past decisions... don't despair either! That's the beauty of God's grace... He doesn't care where we've been or what we've done...only where we're going. He also promises to wash us "as white as snow" and "remember our sins no more". So if you are currently sitting there reading this and thinking about all the ways that you've failed in the purity arena, accept Jesus' forgiveness and be FREE to walk in the newness and fullness of life that He offers to all those who believe in the power of His name. What if you started striving today for purity of body, mind, and heart? If you're wanting to be married eventually... wouldn't it be amazing to be able to tell your future husband or wife "I made a decision to walk in purity on August 3rd 2009... and I've been waiting for you ever since." Also, I would totally love it if one of you would be willing to step up and write a guest post on why you've decided to wait from here on out... and the decisions (both good and bad) in the past that led you to this point. Contact me at or leave a comment if you feel like sharing a little with my readers and I.

Wow. I'm truly impressed. If you've lasted this long through a post on waiting and purity you're either my very good friend that reads every single thing I post completely through or you're just as passionate and interested in this subject as I am. Either way makes me happy! Thanks for reading... I love my 27 followers and email subscribers!

And yes, this is the slightly more serious and thought provoking post that I kept promising to you all for the past month or so. I decided that I need to try and balance my random fluffish (that is now MY made up word of the day) stuff with other stuff that I'm passionate about. Hope you enjoy!


  1. I'm so glad you are writing a book. I know it will be as beautiful and thought provoking just as this post was. This was a wonderful reminder to me. Patience is definitely a virtue.

    Love you, Emily!


  2. Dear Emily,

    I like what you said. And yes I did read all the way down to the bottom.

    Purity is important no matter where life finds us. Since my life went in a TOTALLY different direction (read "my story" on my blog if you want to know more about me ) I have chosen purity. And though it is hard and drives me slightly cranky at times, I am not dating but waiting to be courted at 29 years of age with a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I want to set an example for her to live by too!

    God bless you today!

  3. Wow, that was beautifully said. To great books come to mind, “A Lady in Waiting” and “A Man Worth Waiting For”. A MWWF examines the character of Boaz and his courtship of Ruth. The author (Jackie Kendall) has some fun comparing the character of Boaz against that of a “bozo”! It is a really fun read, and very timely. I am a Lady in Waiting who has been married in the past. At my age, informing your date you plan to “wait” draws reactions ranging from mild shock to outright horror. LOL. And yes, those are the Christian guys! Most women really crave the closeness and security that a good relationship brings and not falling into a pair of strong arms can be a tall order!

  4. Emily,

    I would be honored to write a guest post for you. Anytime! Just let me know when you need it and what you would like for me to write about.

    May God bless you today!

  5. I would say that I'm both... ;-)

    I'll contemplate doing a guest post!

  6. Hi this is my first time at your blog and I just wanted to say that, it is worth the wait. My husband and I just got married about a month and a half ago now, and our first kiss was after the wedding reception. It was HARD but soooo worth it!


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