Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Blue Bell" Poem

Do you remember the story about the blue bear that I posted a few days ago? Well, another assignment that we had was to write a rhyming poem about that experience that we had described. If you haven't read my story yet... you can click here to do so. This poem might not make much sense unless you read the story first. Enjoy!

I saw her sitting there
All deserted and alone
She needed someone to care
A loving place to call her own

Her little body was covered in blue fur
And her beady glass eyes
Told an elaborate tale of her
And her stuffed hearts’ desires, begging me to empathize

But back on the shelf I set her down
Momma said she would make another girl happy
But I still wore an ugly frown
And thought that idea was incredibly sappy

The next time I went into the store
She was gone
And had vanished out the door
Like the early morning colors of dawn

Christmas morning came
And my thoughts weren’t on that blue bear
I refused placing blame
Because I knew she wasn’t there

However, my momma surprised me
When she pulled another gift, wrapped in red
From behind the big tall tree
“It’s one last present for you” she said

I hurriedly threw the tissue paper aside
What it was, I couldn’t quite tell
And then I just about died
As I recognized the furry face of Blue Bell

There she sat
Like that first time in the store
When I gave her head a pat
And her eyes pleaded for more

I held her tight
For my heart was full
After all, my momma was right
Happiness filled this little girl’s soul


  1. Emily dear, I only have a few minutes, but I just wanted to thank you for praying for Harry. He's doing much better today.

    Love you.


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