Saturday, October 3, 2009

Italy, Bed-Wetting Essays, and the Like...

Yes yes yes... I KNOW that I don't really have time for this right now, but I'm pretty much fed-up with my child behavior essay on bed-wetting and I'm REALLY needing a break for just a few minutes.
I was shocked and horrified this afternoon to find that the last time I posted was September 17th!!! I have no excuses... other than school and our week long holiday in Italy...which was FANTASTIC by the way. Here are a few pictures from the trip and I would make them bigger, but that takes awhile and I don't want to mess with it at the moment. :)

Someone decided to ship a package of Kleenex :D

Venice! And YES we DID take a Gondola ride! :)

I know this picture is kind of dark, but it's me on the edge of Lake Garda at sunset.

This photo was taken in Venice. There were SO many streets like this. Everywhere we looked there was another beautiful scene. It was fantastic.

This was taken on lake Garda... I thought it looked like a movie set or something!

So there you go! There is a TINY taste of Italy... I have so many more pictures, but they take FOREVER TO LOAD... yuck.

So NOW... do you want to know what I have to do this weekend? I'll give you a homework run-down. :)
  • Finish my three page essay on bed-wetting for my parents and young children class
  • Read Chapter 6 of my Parenting book
  • Write out paragraph answers to about 15 questions or so for a specific assignment
  • Post to the discussion board
  • Take Chapter 6 quiz

I'm not even going to get into tomorrow... but you get the picture. Actually, despite my horrid complaining, school is actually going quite wonderfully this semester. I'm really enjoying my creative writing class - getting to write poems every week is FUN STUFF! :)

Well, I must get back to my bed-wetting essay now... but that gave me a much needed break. Thanks for reading!

OH... and NEWSFLASH: I will be walking off of an airplane onto AMERICAN soil 28 DAYS FROM TODAY!!! SO EXCITED!!!


  1. That is so funny that there was a pack of kleenex on the airport suitcase belt! :D

    Great pictures as well!
    I pray that your essay goes smoothly :)

    Blessings in Christ,
    Rachel M.

  2. A worthy break to exciting as bed wetting is. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures, tis a beautiful place. Happy Homeworking!

  3. Hahaha the Kleenex is funny. I guess someone decided not to hand carry it and just check-ed it in!

    Lovely places that you went... does look like something out of a movie. Hope you had a good break.

    Take cares <3.


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