Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little thought...

A thought by Elisabeth Elliot:

"The original sin, pride, is behind my "poor self-image," for I felt that I deserved better than I got, which is exactly what Eve felt! So it was pride, not poor self-image, that had to go. If I'm so beautiful and lovable, what was Jesus doing up there, nailed to the cross and crowned with thorns? Why all that hideous suffering for the pure Son of God? Here's why: There was no other way to deliver us from the hell of our own proud self-loving selves, no other way out of the bondage of self-pity and self-congratulation. How shall we take our stand beneath the cross of Jesus and continue to love the selves that put Him there? How can we survey the wondrous cross and at the same time feed our pride? No. It won't work. Jesus put it simply: If you want to be My disciple, you must leave self behind, take up the cross, and follow Me."

Lord break my pride and renew me. Help me to leave self behind and look towards your beautiful cross.


  1. I think I should be added to the people who make your life more beautiful by being in it ;)

  2. i really like this blog and hope to come back! feel free to visit and follow my blog at (and my design blog if you like,
    Libby xox :)

    P.s. I read your "about me" thing. My cousin lost her mom for the same reason. I nearly lost my mom too. It must be sooo hard for you, but I just want to say I'm praying and I'm so glad you're still with God and wanting to follow him for your whole life, because I know lots of people who dont like God after horrible things have happened to them. When I nearly lots my mom, i tried to stay with god because, if i did lose her, i'd be able to see her again if i stayed with God...



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