Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Call to Arms...NOW

How many times have you said to yourself "When I finally reach ____________, THEN my life will really start,". When I finally reach graduation, marriage, the milestone of starting a family... then I will be totally content. But until that time, I can't really serve Christ in an effective way.

What a lie.

An amazing battle is won by the enemy when we are convinced that the stuff we do right now is just "filling the time" until true life begins. How much more effective could we be if we decided:

Right now.


To take up that spiritual armor and fight the battles of God. Whether it's fighting to have a good attitude when things don't go as planned, fighting to get out of bed again in the morning, fighting to forgive someone, fighting for joy in the midst of a busy life, fighting for purity in a world of filth, fighting the temptation to judge others, fighting anxiety and fear..................fighting.

And yet, I'm so guilty to play the part of a bystander on the sidelines of a combat zone. Believing lies that I am not qualified to fight... not qualified to put on that shining breastplate of righteousness, that powerful belt of truth, that victorious sword of the spirit, I stand... imaginging one day being "worthy" enough to take up that armor.

Weapons are handed to me by fellow bystanders. They offer me everything. From self-help books to chocolate to companionship... each minute assuring me that these things are strong enough to fight my battles for me. An easy fix... but in the end they are only a string of distractions and leave me empty.

Jesus. He calls to me... pleads with me to gird myself in the spiritual armor that He offers. He promises that it will be strong enough to thwart the schemes of my greatest fear and enemy: satan and his lies.

Not only that, but he says "Emily, take up the armor right NOW. Quit waiting until you're good enough, because that day will never come. In the meantime, you could be winning mighty battles in your own heart and in MY Kingdom."

Friends, now is the time. What are you waiting for? None of us are promised even another day on this earth. Take up the spiritual armor that is discussed in Ephesians 6 and start fighting your battles! If God is for us, WHO can be against us? How much more could you and I be accomplishing for the kingdom if we laid aside the thought that we'll do it tomorrow! Life doesn't start when we finally reach that perfect salary earning, marry that perfect person, or have a perfect family. Life is NOW. Don't miss what God has for you now because you're so busy looking behind you or in front of you. Look at what you have right here before you and thank God for the opportunity to serve Him NOW.

Don't wait. :)

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  1. Emily this is a good post and such a challenge! But we can do all things through Christ!

    Love, Linda


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