Friday, June 10, 2011


I feel like I'm spending the entire summer with children - because I pretty much am! Other 20 somethings might think that playing endless games of peek-a-boo, pushing children on swings, playing with Legos, and always having Elmo on the TV would get old... but not me! I even have two extra car-seats in my car now, just so I can drive the kids around. People probably think I'm a young mom... which doesn't bother me! :)

It's fun and I love it!

Plus, I still have time to do other stuff that I love: workout, read, sleep, go to the pool, and write... just like I'm doing now.

I am so blessed.

The only problem is: I'm falling in love with these two kids! As if I wasn't in love with them already...

There is no greater joy than walking into a room and seeing Lily's big smile as she exclaims "Emmie!" Jackson has taken to calling me "Emmie" as well. I love them. I love being with them. I love being their "big sister" for the summer.

I don't want it all to end...

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  1. Well "Emmie", how fun is that?!!!
    They are sure cute. I am so glad that you are enjoying them.

    I always have loved babies and children too. Before I had kids I helped with my sister's children...and loved every minute of it. And I also babysat quite a bit. It was good practice and prepared me for kids of my own!

    I'd say these kids are blessed to have "Emmie" caring for them this summer.

    Grandma Linda


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