Saturday, June 4, 2011

One Step

Lately, I've been contemplating my future. There are so many places that I would love to go... so much that I want to see and do. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed because the options are so numerous. Then my prayer becomes "Father, what would YOU have me do? In a world where the possibilities are endless... lead me." The more I pray... the more He seems to answer "Emily... one step at a time." So it was within these thoughts and prayers that the following poem was birthed:

One Step at a Time

One step at a time

On a road full of stairs

If I look too far ahead

I might fall

One step at a time


Waiting to see where you lead

But not wanting to spoil what you’re doing

One step at a time

Solid … steady

Unwavering in commitment

To the very next step

One step at a time

Even when the fog is thick

And I stand trembling


One step at a time

When the sun shines bright

I’m tempted to run and leap ahead

But still you say to me

One step at a time…


  1. The same is true for each and every one of us Em. Day by day...step by step He leads us along. We can't see the future...we can't run ahead...we just have to trust Him.

    You have the exuberance of youth...the energy and excitement. I have the autumn of my life just steps away. Yet we both have a wonderful Lord and Savior who has a wonderful plan for our lives. Amen?

    I'm sure He has wonderful things in store for you! He is grooming you for the days ahead.

    I am so glad you got to go to China. You got a taste of what it is like to serve as many missionaries do. Those children in your pictures were so beautiful. He cared for them through you and through the others who were with you. I'm sure that was exciting.

    I love that you are open to His leading. I love that you are waiting, and listening, for His calling in your life! I'm sure it will be rewarding and fulfilling...whatever it is.

    Love, Grandma Linda

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