Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Wish

I was sitting outside watching fireworks light up the sky... so beautiful. So powerful. Just like my God... and my memories.

And as I sat thinking, a poem was birthed:

July Wish

Sometimes I wish upon a star

Wishing I could be where you are

If only to talk for awhile

And see your beautiful smile

Deep things are on my heart

Yet we are so far apart

My soul cries sometimes

And it only comes out in rhymes

I wish you were close by me here

Like a warm blanket wrapped near

Salty tears roll down my face

I simply wish for one more embrace

Fireworks light up the sky

This traditional Fourth of July

The bright color and sound

Makes the darkness flee all around

I wish the noise could change me

Jar me back to this present reality

But I’m lost remembering yesterday

It seems such a small price to pay

When I can see you in my mind’s eye

Every time those fireworks light up the sky

Traditions make me think of you

And that winter day that you flew

Away to a home much better than here

No more pain. No more fear

Did fireworks light up the sky that day?

In an eternal place far away?

There’s no question that you will always be missed

Every day that I continue to exist

And little by little my heart will heal

Because my wonderful Savior is real

So every year when the Fourth rolls around

I can smile… because I know where peace is found.


  1. Tears..."salty tears" are flowing here Em. The beauty of this poem has touched my heart so deeply. I know it is to your mom...and I almost feel like I am intruding when I read it.

    And yet the words spoken here are tender words I have felt in my heart and spoken from my own mouth so many times to my mom, sister, and granddaughter Anna, as well as other loved ones who have gone to heaven ahead of me..

    The loss of someone we love so very much evokes these kinds of feelings and yearnings. So strong...AND so natural! Of course we miss those that we loved so very much. It does hurt...and as you said we will always miss them as long as we continue to exist. I think I am drawn to you so much because I know what you have been through and I see how God has brought you through the pain...and I can relate to that. So can the Krafts.

    We do know peace...because our Savior is near! And that is such a blessing...HE is such a blessing.

    And YOU are such a blessing to me. A young woman with such depth! My Abigail is much like you.

    I would love to see you some day. Perhaps when Abigail comes to stay for a few days we could get together?

    Love, Grandma Linda

  2. A sweet poem, Emily :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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