Monday, November 17, 2008

He never leaves...whether we are cold, sick, lonely, hurting, angry, filled with sorrow or bursting with joy, Jesus is always right there. No matter how far our Lord takes us from the place we call "home", he promises that he will never leave our side. That gives me such great hope and confidence! What is a home, anyway? My definition of home is some place where their is peace, love, and security. Jesus promises us peace as we trust in him. He promises to love us unconditionally. And He promises that we will stand secure as long as we let Him be the hand that guides us.

Nothing can take my Lord away from me! Not persecution, sickness, or even death! Why do we tend to live in fear, if this fact is indeed true? Their is no reason to be anxious about the uncertain when the only thing that truly matters is no longer cast in the shadow of doubt! Jesus has made our future with him secure...unwavering...something that does not decay with time. Now we can rest, unafraid, because of the promise "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."

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