Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To be where you are...to be like you are...

This evening, God has overwhelmed my spirit. I need Jesus more than the air that I breath. If only he would reach down and scoop me up into His loving hands, I am sure that I could rest their forever. I came across the lyrics to this song by Leeland and they really matched my hearts cry. I really like the line that says "God of strength, our weakness shows, we need you, we need you Lord." What else would ever show us our need of God but the weakness within our own hearts? Every time I sin, I am made a little more aware of my desperate need for my Savior. Every thought, word, and action that is done in the flesh, makes me a little aware of how far I have fallen from the spirit of my Lord. That Jesus really would "enter this temple"! That my hearts forever cry would be communion with His spirit! To be where you are.....to be like you are... oh God you know that I long for this.
"Enter This Temple”
by Leeland
We are saved in a world that’s lost
All our hope rests in Your Cross
God of strength, our weakness shows
We need You
We need You, Lord
Father, enter this temple
Come touch Your people
We need to be where You are
And children living as their Father
Washed in pure water
We need to be like You are
We are searching for Your presence
We are knocking on Your door
Let Your wings cover us with promise
For communion
For communion
To be like You are
To be where You are
Father, come touch Your people
To be where You are
To be like You are

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