Monday, April 13, 2009

49 years ago...

49 years ago, today...a little girl was born. She had a face that was always smiling and there was a love for life that only grew along with her. Through life's challenges and struggles, this little girl turned into a woman...and this woman eventually found God...or rather, God found her. But God was not content to just leave her where she was at. No, He wanted to stretch and challenge her so that she would be an encouragement and a light. He wanted her to shine. He wanted her to become like Him.

And so, as the years passed in enjoyment of every moment, He decided to do something that would make her come alive...but would eventually lead to death...death of the body, but not the spirit. Something that would really show His glory to the world. He knew she could handle it...He had been preparing her for the task since she was born.

So one day...she became aware that she was afflicted. But what made this woman extraordinary is that she turned to the Father and praised Him. She thanked Him for the afflictions that He had given, and in that moment... God knew that He had chosen the right woman for the task.

This woman determined to take in every new day and glorify God with every breath that He chose to bestow on her. The choice wasn't easy. No, it was a struggle. But the choice was made all the same, and glorify Him she did.

Then, one November morning, Gods hand came down to give this woman her final breath on this earth. While we cried tears of pain, He cried tears of joy...for He knew that her heart would start beating again in a different place; a glorious place; a place that He had been preparing for her.

So we watched this woman smile and laugh her way into the Fathers loving arms.

I watched my mom live and die, but with equal joy. I watched her laugh and weep, but with equal strength. I watched her praise on the mountaintop and through the valley of the shadow, but with equal faithfulness. I watched her...and in turn, I saw the glory of God unfolding before my very eyes.

Today is a glorious day...a day that might be filled with tears but is also filled with joy. A day filled with memories of love and laughter, of good times shared and now gone. A day to marvel at Gods faithfulness through the storm.

My mom continues to live a life of praise and joy....though not here in England with me. I know that she is celebrating in that beautiful place which no earthly mind can comprehend nor imagine. And that thought...brings me peace and comfort as well as overwhelming joy.

While we look back today at the life that my mom lived, she looks forward into eternity...into the very face of Jesus.
"I know that my Redeemer lives,
and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.
And after my skin has been destroyed,
yet in my flesh I will see God"
Job 19:25-27


  1. Emily, This is a beautiful tribute on your Mom's birthday. How is one that is so young so wise at the same time. I love reading your posts, but it makes me miss you more. I am glad for the time that you have in England, but will be joyful when you come home. Have a blessed day and know that you are in my thoughts.
    Love, Hugs and Kisses
    Auntie Jana

  2. Hey Jana! Thanks for reading and commenting! I tried to send you an email, but it failed. Do you have a new address? Love you!

  3. Beautiful. I'm praising God with you and your family for the work He has done and continues to do. Pain wrought in the hands of a loving God births a glory that words can never fully express. He is so pleased with you. May He continue to sustain you and your family and though the pain is still very real may it bring about an intimacy that no one could reach on their own.

  4. You know Em, I was just wrapping up my day, thinking how horrible it was. Many things went wrong today, or at least not how I wanted. I was frustrated, wishing the day to be over, and generally presenting a short attitude that seemed fitting. Then I came across this note, and He gently put me back in my place. Just when i had given up today, God sent me a reminder that my attitude wasn't an option for tonight. Thank you for being the vessel that God may pour through you to reach others. Sometimes, we all need reminders that it is better that God speaks through you, rather than in spite of you. Very well writen, Em. Keep your ears open and your eyes to the Heavens. Mike


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