Saturday, April 4, 2009

Praise and Wonder...

"Oh God you are my God
And I will ever praise you
Oh God you are my God
And I will ever praise you
I will seek you in the morning
And I will learn to walk in your ways
Step by step you lead me
And I will follow you all of my days"

I have this song stuck in my head and heart this beautiful morning. I just arrived home from taking a long leisurely walk in the cool breeze and beautiful sunshine with my brother. This song seems to reflect my hearts prayer at the moment - that I would seek Him, but not only seek Him but praise Him all of my days. Because really, I have so much to thank Him for. My entire identity is wrapped up in Christ, and if it weren't for the mercy that He has shown me by calling me one of His own, I would crumble into nothingness.

My brother was talking to me this morning about how he has been listening to a commentary by Ravi Zacharias. He said that it was talking about how children have so much wonder for the world. They just have an innocence and joy for good and pleasant things that seems to get lost as they get older. If you have ever seen a child playing at a park, running with the wind blowing through his hair, or laughing at absolutely nothing, you understand what I mean. His joy is complete. As we grow older this joy, innocence, and wonder is often left behind. What a pity that is! Perhaps when Jesus said that we should become like little children in order to inherit the kingdom of God, he meant that our wonder and innocence should not be lost due to maturity or age.

If any of you know my mom, you might say that she had the excitement and wonder of a little child sometimes. This was not a flaw in her character, but an excellent attribute, one which I hope to some day imitate. My childhood was never boring because we would go on picnics, build the Mayflower ship out of boxes, sing and dance around the house, and examine ladybugs and toads. She had an eye for the little things...the simple pleasures of life that are sometimes forgotten in the hustle and bustle of every day living.

I think we need to let ourselves be swept away by childlike wonder more often! God smiles when we marvel at what He has done or created. Praising Him is a way that I can attain that sense of wonder again because it helps me to see more clearly the wonderful things that He has done for me.

Well, I had better close, but I just had to share those thoughts. Have a wonderful, beautiful, most excellent day...full of praise and wonder.

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  1. Emily, this post was excellent!
    What beautiful memories you have of your mother. Never ever let them go. (Of course you won't,...I know you treasure them.)

    Praise and Wonder was a good title.
    I recently lost my sister. She was filled with praise and wonder over all the Lord does. I miss her so much!

    But I almost get goosebumps when I think of her being in the presence of the Lord! She will be so thrilled to be in His presence.

    Have a glorious day,...Love Linda


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