Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Makeover and Book Update

Hello friends! I hope you all like my blog's new look! I had a fun time making it more "me". I recently did Shauna's blog as well (with a great deal of input from Shauna!). Luckily school lightened up in the past week so that I actually had the free time to be creative! That always makes me happy and brings joy to my heart.

Well, life here is fairly normal and non-rushed right now. I am enjoying the extra time that I have each day. If you know me personally, you also know that my life is next to never slow and dull. I love doing things, meeting people, serving, and using my gifts to glorify Him with every breath. Right now, however, it seems that the Lord is most glorified in me when I take the extra time that I have and spend it with Him.

Book progress is coming... very slowly...but it's coming. If you all would pray for my motivation, I would appreciate it. I long to get this book done, but knowing where to start and how to organize my thoughts is very difficult for me. I am more of a blogger; with little random spurts of inspiration every now and then. So I have lots of random paragraphs scattered throughout my computer database. Perfectionism is also my weakness. Instead of just getting thoughts down, I correct as I go. This is time consuming and makes me exhausted after awhile. But I just can't STAND those red squiggly lines that appear underneath misspelled words! can laugh if you want, but it really is annoying to me.

Sometimes I also have doubts as to if God would be able to give me the words to convey what He wants people to know. I know it's silly of me, but these doubts are often very relentless. However, I know that the Lord wants me to write this book, whether people read it or not, so I need to press forward. I will quote a friend's words that God used to encourage me:

"But if you are being obedient to the call of God, it is your faithfulness that matters, not the visible fruit that you do or do not see."

Please pray that I would be faithful and motivated to do what I know God is calling me to do! It's such a struggle sometimes, but I know that in the end, if it glorifies the Lord, it's going to be worth it.


  1. Hey Em,
    Did you know that you can make those annoying little red lines under misspelled words go away? Well, you can, and then you can make them come back when you're ready to edit your writing. Thought it might be able to help you out. :)

  2. Really? Ha... I should have looked around for it. I will check it out and see if I can turn it off when I am writing... that would be helpful. Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. Hey Emily,

    I will be praying that you will be motivated. I for one will be someone who reads your book. I still remember the first chapter you let me read a while ago.

    I like your friends quote. It reminded me of one we have that says "Duty is ours, results are Gods

    I like your blog's new look.

  4. I am new to your blog but I think you have some wonderful gems for post.=)I also like the pictures on the sidebar.

  5. Thanks Elizabeth! Welcome! I'm so glad you dropped by. I pray that my posts can be a blessing to people and that the Lord's light will be able to shine brightly and clearly. Thanks for visiting. :)


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