Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Excuses

Well... it's 12:04am...again. To quote my dad, I've been staying up "too late" for the past couple of days. He's probably right.

But sometimes life just gets too exciting and I can't sleep! For instance:
  1. To put it quite plainly...I've been eating, sleeping and breathing writing. Attempting to write 12,000 words a week has been quite the experience so far. My deadline is the end of July... I'm EXCITED...and scared... and full of... oh, I don't know. Excitement! How original, eh?
  2. Living in England - a country full of history and culture - can be extremely sleep depriving.
  3. I've been spending time with my family instead of wasting it on Facebook. This Facebook fast is going really well so far. And surprisingly... I'm loving my time OFF of FB. I seem to get more done...imagine that! :)
  4. Just so you all know, number three was not a slam at Facebook. I love all my Facebook friends and family very much... the crazy application's tend to pull me into their time wasting black holes.
  5. I've been spending some time catching up on my reading. My "need to read" books have been staring me in the face.
  6. I have been finding that Jesus continues to amaze me. Even after I have spent my life attempting to get to know him better, I have fallen on my face in humbleness at how much I still need to learn. Yet, he is still so gentle and patient with me. Amazing sweet the sound... that SAVED a wretch like me.
  7. Some incredible music has been playing via my computer lately. I'm currently listening to the "Blood Diamond" movie soundtrack...even though I've never watched the movie! I can recommend the music... it's beautiful. AND I just finished listening to "The Dark Knight" soundtrack. Another inspiring one. Can you tell that I'm a soundtrack person?
  8. We went to the zoo today! I mean... how can that NOT be exciting? As to what that has to do with staying up late... I'm not exactly sure.
  9. I love babies. Again, I have no idea what this has to do with staying up, but I'm out of ideas at this point. We saw so many cute little kids today at the zoo, running around in their little sundresses and white sun hats. Just thinking about them all would keep me up late I'm sure...
  10. And it's now I have a wonderful list of perfectly valid excuses for staying up. :)

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