Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Midnight Writing and More...

HI HI HI! It's currently midnight in jolly ol' England and I'm sitting here enjoying a good cup a' "tay". Hmmm... I wish that were true, but unfortunately, it's only me, myself, and I sitting on the couch contemplating why I didn't go to bed before midnight (again), why I forgot about the MckLinky blog hop today, and if I will reach 28,000 words on my book before I let sleep claim me. I'm at 27,954 currently... do I have the courage to write 56 more?..........yep. It will bug me all night if I don't. I tend to have perfectionist tendencies sometimes... yikes.

OH OH OH.... guess what? I am now past 20 followers! WOOHOO... makes me happy it does that you all would take the time to read my random thoughts. They haven't been very deep and thought provoking lately... but there actually is a good reason for that. Since I'm writing constantly on my book...which is all about the year that my mom had cancer, I have to think seriously, cry often, write vivid...sometimes painful details, and pray for help and inspiration. This wears me out during the day, to tell you the truth and I don't like the idea of sitting down for more thinking at night. So blogging gets to be my fun... goofy... silly outlet for now. I hope you all don't mind. To celebrate that fact, I'm posting a goofy picture... have a good laugh why don't you:

WELL WELL WELL... I must end this... why am I starting paragraphs in capital groups of three? I have no idea... it's midnight...well, 12:15 now...time is slipping away. If I were really Cinderella like I always dreamed of being, I wouldn't have made my midnight deadline. I mean, really! I love the movie... but Cinderella running off from her one true love at midnight? Sadness... I would just stay and have the spell broken. It'd be more fun that way. :) To see the look on his face!

WOW WOW WOW... this is my crazy hour. I probably scared more people than I inspired this evening. My apologies. No more writing at midnight for me. I must bid you all cheers and good evening.


  1. Hi! I saw you follow Molly Rose's blog. So you live in England?! That's cool!! I live in America... but I love to watch British movies. ;)

  2. I love your silliness! :) Yes, definitely take a break from the deep heartfelt writing and just ENJOY life on your blog.

    I'm looking forward to reading your book. Want me to proof it when your done? That way I can have a sneak preview. hee hee
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

  3. I loved the silliness! I am also a writer (would-be writer?), so I can relate to the ever looming word-count. I love what I know of your story and look forward to reading it! Greetings from Kansas! (Great sunglasses.)

  4. lol! You are hilarious! =) I would totally read that book before the class starts. =)


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