Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday's Walk - Dentures and Delirious Laughter

Hello dear friends! For the first time ever, I'm participating in:

hosted by Lynnette Kraft's blog - Dancing Barefoot On Weathered Ground. I'm SO excited to start joining in on this every Wednesday that I can! Even though I'm not a momma yet (like I know a lot of you are that already read Lynnette's blog), I hope you will still enjoy my special memories.

This Wednesday's Memory:

Well... this is a really wacky memory of something that actually happened just last night. Shauna, my thirteen year old sister who I love with my WHOLE heart said something that made me die laughing! I was sitting at my computer, chatting on messenger with a few friends, and listening to her constant chattering (in an effort to get my attention drawn away from the computer no doubt). Suddenly, I glanced over and she was pulling her pajama pant drawstrings straight up towards her shoulders. She laughed at me and then said "Look! They're... they're dentures!" I couldn't contain my glee any longer and burst out laughing. Between giggles, I eventually said "Shauna... those aren't called dentures! They're ummm... ummm" and my mind went blank because I was laughing so hard. I finally said "Suspenders!!! That's what they're called!". We both got a huge laugh out of it. I love her so much... she brings smiles into my life.

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Welcome to WEdnesday's Walk! I try to participate each week... it is a fun way to record memories that you wouldn't normally blog about.

    great post. :) sounds like you and your sister have a wonderful relationship.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is so hilarious!! hahahahaha

    Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. Emily that's hilarious! I kept thinking, "What?" Aren't kids funny the way they don't know some words? Enjoy those times with your sweet sister...she's almost beyond that stage of saying things wrong. Wait, I take that back - I still say things wrong! ha! My kids laugh at me all the time because I get sayings wrong and use wrong words. Oh well! (And Abigail has inherited the "get sayings wrong" thing).

    I'm so glad you're joining in the fun. I'm looking forward to reading your memories and I look forward to sweet momma memories too. Your mom was quite a lady and I look forward to spending eternity with her.

    Love you.

  4. Look at you posting almost daily now.....It was that blasted Facebook that was holding you back. :) Haha. I just read your Africa blog, smiling and marveling at God's goodness all the way.

  5. LOL that is great!! Hehe!

    Lainey's been saying everything is T-O-O-P. Like "It's time for T-O-O-P!" "What does that mean, Laine?" "Bed!!"

    And then she'll ask "Daddy, what does T-O-O-P spell?" "Toop." "What does toop mean?" lol!


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